InternetRadioDJ (1 x Day/Person) - Module 3  Conducts 1 - 5: Introductions (Station, Host, Co-Hosts, and Guests)

InternetRadioDJ (1 x Day/Person) - Module 3 Conducts 1 - 5: Introductions (Station, Host, Co-Hosts, and Guests)

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OPENING & WELCOME: Introductions, Checking-In, Reflection on Module 2, Progress Update, and Statistics on Individual Shows Podcasts from Podcast.Co

CONDUCT 1 - SELF INTRODUCTION: Introduce yourself to the guests and the listeners. Plan your personal introduction. Don’t feel restricted but do not steal the thunder. Share your credentials that are appropriate for your show. Make sure you refer the listeners to your professional social media accounts for them to know more about you. 

CONDUCT 2 - INTRODUCE CO-HOSTS: Introduce your co-hosts to the listeners and the guests. Be respectful and acknowledge your co-hosts by introducing them to your guests and listeners. If they are comfortable, allow them to say few words about themselves and refer the listeners to their social media platforms for further insights.

CONDUCT 3 - INTRODUCE GUESTS: Introduce your guests to the listeners. This is the big moment at the beginning of the show. You win or lose listeners right at this moment. Don’t over sell. Don’t undersell your guest. There may be listeners out there who know your guest more than you have researched or you know them. After saying few remarks on them, allow them to expand on your introductory remarks. Always remember to leave enough for your guests to say something about themselves. It is them who are at the centre of your show. Let them enjoy their moment. That is the value proposition that makes them want to volunteer their time, insights, knowledge, and experience.

CONDUCT 4 - INTRODUCE THE STATION: Introduce the Radio Station to the listeners and your guests. We, at COMETSA, we will not forgive you for failing to introduce COMETSA Radio. Here is the text we want you to read slowly, relaxed, loud, and clear. COMETSA Radio is a business, entrepreneurship, and professional management services, 24/7 internet streaming radio station broadcasting from South Africa to the entire world.

CONDUCT 5 - CHECK IN: Develop your way of checking into the show. Don’t pounce into it. You may first reflect on your previous show and its topic, or the other show by a fellow DJ that you participated into or listen to. A comment on the local and global current affairs may settle down the guests. The key is to get your guests start the show by talking about something unrelated to the topic to address at the show. Remember they have been preparing for your show couple of days before. Their system is already fatigued and naturally they are tense because they want to do so well. They are trying too hard in their mind to be perfect.