Development Financial Contribution (DFC) - Non Profit Organization (NPO)

Development Financial Contribution (DFC) - Non Profit Organization (NPO)

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Donors, Sponsors, Corporates, Companies, Organizations, Development Agencies, Governments, and Individual are invited to support the initiatives of COMETSA by voluntarily contributing financially to support the good courses delivered by COMETSA Global Online Channels:

COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO, www.CometsaClub.Africa ; www.CometsaFriendsAndSupportersClub.WildApricot.Org , 

  • Type: a non-profit making organisation (NPO) serving the interests of its members & supporters and friends of Cometsa Development Agencies.
  •  Vision: to provide development and social life opportunities for all the members & supporters and friends of Cometsa Development Agencies
  •  Mission: by organizing networking functions, events, educational tours, sport tourisms, joint travel to sport events, special offers and development programmes for the members & supporters and friends of Cometsa Development Agencies.
  •  Main objectives: secure funding, services, products, programmes, events, and projects and establish strategic partnerships on behalf of Cometsa Friends & Supporters Club.


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 Note: The members of COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO are given preferential rates (prices). Check with COMETSA Office first, at tel. +27 11 974 9408, mobile. +27 73 405 7051; email: callcentre@Cometsa-GoC.Com. The annual renewable individual membership fee is R150.00. Corporate members (companies) can promote their companies, products, services, and solutions offerings at the tours. Membership application can be done online at www.CometsaFriendsAndSupportersClub.WildApricot.Org or www.CometsaClub.Africa