Collection: Sport & Recreation Management

COMETSA Sport & Recreation is an initiative based on the philosophy of COMETSA. It is the empowerment and development of the members of the community, especially the youth, through sport, recreation and education. It is the integrated and holistic development of the individuals and their community based organisations. The emphasis is on knowledge transfer and exchange between rural, urban and peri-urban individuals and communities. We mobilise the people of all age groups and genders to live a holistic life and participate in sport, recreation and educational activities. We lead the individuals and communities to self-empowerment through practical learning and development programmes. The model is responsive to the education system of the country. It seeks to attract the youth back to the institutions of learning . It reinstates and promotes the culture of learning through the activities in sport, recreation and education. Participation in sport and recreation of the country builds a healthy society. This program is driven and entrenched by the slogan: The Mind. The Journey. The Destiny. We apply our MIND to the JOURNEY that takes us to our DESTINY!

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