Collection: Retainer Human Resources Management Programmes

Our Retainer Human Resources Management Programmes should not be confused with the Outsourcing Programmes. The model is the best practice in supporting organizations that cannot afford their own in-house Human Resources functions, in partnering and complementing internal Human Resources functions, ensure business continuity through talent management, build capacity by supporting internal processes and people management strategies. We support your entire people management value chain. If your organization regards its people as valuable assets, as it is supposed to, you should consider the model and position Human Resources Management as a strategic function through a series of Retainer Programmes. The activities within these programmes include: Employment Value Proposition Statement Development; Formulation and Design of Organization's Employment Circle; Identification and Engagement with Talent Development & Education Institutions relevant to your Industry; Development of Talent Sourcing Philosophy and Strategy; Partnership Model with the Providers of Talent; Recruitment, Search & Selection Support Services; Transition from Institutions of Learning Concept Development; Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) and Employment Readiness Model; Talent Onboarding, Orientation, Induction and Shadowing; Talent Mobility and Deployment Model; Continuous Professional Training and Development; Performance Planning and Management; Reward Management Strategy and Management Programmes; Career Development and Management; Employee Relations Management; Employee Assistance Programme; Outplacement Programmes; etc.
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