COMETSA offers Executive Business Coaching Online

The top leadership in companies all over the world is experiencing immense pressure due to the COVID-19 they have never experienced before. While they are expected to keep business floating they must also think about post COVID-19 needs and requirements. Executive Business Coach becomes the must have partner during this difficult times. A coach is there to work as the thinking partner of the executive, ask pertinent questions when necessary, challenge the thinking and some of the decisions the executive may be taking. All these are done in the interest of the executive and the company. Due to the restrictions on travel we are now seeing the highest level of adoption of technology platforms in offering executive business coaching. At COMETSA we have gone the step further by launching COMETSA Online as a platform for buying coaching sessions. We have built payment gateways onto our online store to make it easy for our clients to access our service from anywhere in the world. Once the session has been paid for we will schedule a session to take place via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft, Skype, etc. We see the addition of technology platforms as contributor to the digital transformation that most of these executives are expected to drive at their companies. So, we are practicing what we expect our Executive Business Coaching clients to practice. Executive Business Coach follow clear logical steps in onboarding the client, namely: (1) Setting Up and Conducting Chemistry Session; (2) Producing Schedule of Coaching Sessions for the duration of the Coaching Programme; (3) Assist the Client in Formulating the Coaching Theme/Topic; (4) Agreeing on the Coaching Goal with the Client; (5) Completing the Professional Development Coaching Contract with the client; (6) Conducting Coaching Sessions according to the agreed Plan; (7) Holding the Executive Accountable to the agreed Action Plan; (8) Evaluation of the Progress of the Coaching Programme on a continuous basis; (9) Producing Coaching Reports for the Executive; (10) Professionally Ending the Coaching Programme. So, in conclusion, Executive Business Coach is a strategic partner in the Professional Development of the Executive, especially in difficult times like during COVID-19 restrictions. We are excited that we can offer such critical service to our clients virtually, online, from procurement to the implementation. Check COMETSA Online at www.Online.Cometsa-GoC.Com

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